Hello, and welcome to our website. We are Grace Baptist Church of De Queen, AR, loving people, loving you and your family, just when people need us most. We lift up yours to God for power to overcome the cares and needs of the world today. The Lord has given us strength to love people in any condition, anywhere, going in any direction, and leaving any place. We invite you to our church, and our only hope is that we can reach you for eternity. Grace Baptist Church, just when you need HIM most.

What will YOU do to serve the Lord in 2018?


We have served this community of people for 40 years and will continue for as long as the Lord will allow. This church was established on December 7, 1975 by Rev. Thomas K. Johnson at its present location at 487 Hwy. 71 North in De Queen, Ar. 71832. Our doors are open to anyone, and we hope you will join us in our place of worship.

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Grace Baptist Church
487 Hwy. 71 N.
De Queen, AR. 71832



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